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With a deep understanding of the complex challenges faced by organizations in this evolving field, our experienced consultants collaborate closely with clients to deliver impactful strategies and innovative approaches. Through our case studies, you’ll discover real-world examples of how we’ve helped diverse stakeholders achieve operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, financial sustainability, and high-quality patient care. Join us in shaping the future of behavioral healthcare through our transformative methodologies and proven track record of delivering measurable results.

Bluestar360 & Agile Equity: Successful Partnership in Completing the Sale of a Prominent Specialized Outpatient Mental Health Services Company.

A Successful Acquisition Journey with Evolve Treatment Centers.

Bluestar360 & HereNOW Help: A Symbolic Success Story. 


Seamless Success in Multi-Site Addiction Treatment Company Sale.

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Bluestar Behavioral was founded with a clear mission: to overcome obstacles for owners and operators in the challenging landscape of treatment service organizations. The vision was to leverage knowledge and relationships to help others achieve their goals. As business rapidly grew, it became evident that Bluestar was onto something big. To meet the growing market demand, we proudly introduce the new Bluestar360—a name that represents our expanded focus and our commitment to being the sole source for all your needs.
What differentiates Bluestar360 is our unwavering dedication to delivering comprehensive solutions tailored specifically to your unique requirements. Our dream team brings a wealth of expertise to the table, having experienced firsthand the challenges you face. With extensive operational, business development, IT, and AI experience, we possess the knowledge to drive your success. Our approach is centered on customization, ensuring our solutions align seamlessly with your goals and objectives. Furthermore, our integration of cutting-edge AI technology places us at the forefront of innovation—and you can join us there too!
At Bluestar360, we are your closest partner to becoming the “one stop shop” you need.

Bluestar360 & Agile Equity: Successful Partnership in Completing the Sale of a Prominent Specialized Outpatient Mental Health Services Company.


Bluestar360, in collaboration with Agile Equity, embarked on a mission to facilitate the sale of a renowned internationally known specialized outpatient mental health services company. With a combined focus on leveraging industry expertise, extensive connections, and a shared commitment to delivering results, the partnership aimed to identify the ideal buyer, negotiate favorable terms, and ensure a seamless transaction process.


1.) Strategic Alignment:

Agile Equity, a respected M&A banking firm specializing in IT and SaaS companies, recognized the potential of representing the mental health services company in a sale. They sought the partnership with Bluestar360, led by Mr. Bice, to leverage his vast connections in the behavioral healthcare space.

2.) Relationship Pitch:

Agile and Bluestar360 collaborated to present their collective experience, established relationships, and Mr. Bice’s industry connections to position themselves as the ideal partners for the seller.

3.) Targeted Buyer Identification:

Mr. Bice meticulously evaluated his network to identify potential buyers that aligned with the seller’s short and long-term goals, actively sought acquisitions, and possessed the ability to successfully close the deal.

4.) Exploratory Introductions:

Several potential buyers were identified and introduced to the seller through initial exploratory calls, allowing both parties to assess compatibility and evaluate the opportunities.

5.) Negotiations and LOI:

A number of interested buyers presented Letters of Intent (LOI) to the seller, who carefully assessed the proposals and selected the buyer deemed the best fit. Agile and Bluestar360 provided guidance throughout the negotiation process.

6.) Diligence and Timely Execution:

Agile and Mr. Bice diligently oversaw and coordinated the due diligence process, ensuring that it proceeded at the desired pace to meet the seller’s requirements.

7.) Successful Acquisition:

The acquisition was successfully closed in 2022, signifying a milestone achievement for both the seller and the buyer.

8.) Post-Close Experience:

The seller remained with the company post-close and reported a positive experience, expressing enthusiasm about the ongoing relationship with the buyer.


The collaborative efforts of Bluestar360 and Agile Equity culminated in a successful sale, with the specialized outpatient mental health services company finding an ideal buyer that aligned with their goals. The partnership enabled the seller to navigate the complex transaction process smoothly and efficiently, leading to a positive post-close experience and ongoing enthusiasm for the future. The Bluestar and Agile partnership demonstrated the power of industry knowledge, strategic connections, and a client-centric approach in achieving exceptional outcomes in the behavioral healthcare space.

A Successful Acquisition Journey with Evolve Treatment Centers


Galen Partners, a prominent healthcare-focused private equity firm, embarked on a strategic acquisition of Evolve Treatment Centers. This case study highlights the collaborative efforts and instrumental role played by Mr. Bice, President and CEO of Bluestar360, in facilitating the successful acquisition process. From initial review to post-acquisition planning, Mr. Bice’s expertise and involvement were instrumental in achieving a seamless and fruitful partnership between Galen Partners and Evolve Treatment Centers.


1.) Strategic Alignment:

Evolve Treatment Centers appeared on Mr. Bice’s behavioral health pipeline list, aligning with Galen Partners’ investment interests. Upon receiving the Evolve teaser from Coker Capital Advisors, Galen Partners recognized the potential and engaged Mr. Bice for his valuable insights.

2.) Initial Diligence and Indication of Interest:

Mr. Bice actively participated in multiple internal and external diligence conversations, leveraging his experience in the behavioral healthcare sector. His contributions assisted in structuring the Indication of Interest, which played a role in Galen Partners advancing to the next round.

3.) In-Person Management Meetings:

Mr. Bice continued to be a vital asset during the in-person management team meetings, lending his expertise and insights to the evolving acquisition process.

4.) Letter of Intent and Value Determination:

Mr. Bice collaborated on the structuring and valuation determination of the Letter of Intent, ensuring that it reflected the strategic vision of Galen Partners and the needs of Evolve Treatment Centers.

5.) Presentation to Galen Investment Committee:

Mr. Bice actively participated in the presentation of the Letter of Intent to the Galen investment committee, highlighting the value and potential of the acquisition.

6.) Operational Due Diligence:

Post Letter of Intent acceptance, Mr. Bice conducted thorough operational due diligence, culminating in the development of a detailed 180-day post-acquisition growth plan.

7.) Successful Acquisition:

The acquisition of Evolve Treatment Centers by Galen Partners was successfully closed in December 2019, marking a milestone achievement for both parties involved.


Galen Partners’ acquisition of Evolve Treatment Centers proved to be a strategically aligned partnership, facilitated by the contributions and expertise of Mr. Bice. His involvement in the diligence process, valuation determination, and post-acquisition growth planning played a crucial role in the successful completion of the acquisition. The collaboration between Galen Partners and Mr. Bice exemplified the power of industry knowledge, meticulous due diligence, and a client-centric approach in achieving exceptional outcomes in the behavioral healthcare sector.

Bluestar360 & HereNOW Help: A Symbolic Success Story. 


Bluestar’s strategic expertise in the behavioral health sector led to a mutually beneficial partnership with HereNow Help, an early-stage company seeking to establish connections within the industry. Introduced by a third party, the collaboration began as a simple introduction but evolved into a dynamic relationship that propelled HereNow Help’s growth through strategic introductions and business agreements.


1.) Initial Engagement:

HereNow Help, in its early stages, approached Bluestar with a specific goal: to connect with behavioral health service providers. At the time, HereNow Help was not actively seeking investors; rather, they were focused on establishing meaningful relationships within the industry. Recognizing the value of such partnerships, Bluestar embraced the opportunity to facilitate introductions that aligned with HereNow Help’s objectives.

2.) Gradual Relationship Building:

Over the course of several years, Bluestar and HereNow Help developed a strong partnership based on shared goals and values. Bluestar consistently introduced HereNow Help to a diverse range of behavioral health service providers, catering to their unique needs and specialties. These introductions weren’t mere transactions; they were carefully curated connections that aligned with HereNow Help’s vision and growth trajectory.

3.) Transformative Introductions:

Bluestar’s role in introducing HereNow Help to various service providers yielded significant results. The introductions led to the establishment of numerous business agreements, reflecting the value of a well-established network and a shared commitment to driving the behavioral health sector forward. These agreements encompassed a spectrum of providers, from small outpatient facilities to residential treatment centers and even large corporate organizations.

4.) Continued Success:

As of today, the partnership between Bluestar and HereNow Help continues to thrive. Bluestar’s ongoing efforts have positioned HereNow Help as a prominent player in the behavioral health space, consistently securing business agreements with various service providers. The scope of these partnerships showcases the depth and breadth of Bluestar’s network and their ability to match HereNow Help with the right partners.


The case study of Bluestar’s collaboration with HereNow Help underscores the power of strategic partnerships in the behavioral health industry. What began as a simple introduction evolved into a transformative relationship, with Bluestar leveraging its expertise and extensive network to fuel HereNow Help’s growth and success. This partnership serves as a testament to Bluestar’s commitment to nurturing relationships and providing value beyond expectations.


Seamless Success in Multi-Site Addiction Treatment Company Sale: A multi-site addiction treatment company owner, connected with Bluestar seeking assistance with potential buyer introductions for a future sale. This initial interaction marked the beginning of a successful partnership that eventually culminated in the sale of the company, thanks to Bluestar’s comprehensive expertise and extensive industry connections.


The owner’s objective was to find a reliable partner to facilitate a smooth and successful sale when the time was right. Bluestar’s challenge was to build trust, foster a strong relationship, and be ready to assist when the owner signaled their readiness to sell.


A year later, the owner re-engaged with Bluestar, expressing their readiness to sell the company. Bluestar’s industry expertise immediately came into play as they identified potential buyers and arranged introduction calls. These introductory discussions paved the way for deeper negotiations, leading to a Letter of Intent (LOI).
Bluestar’s role extended beyond introductions. They provided invaluable guidance and support throughout the due diligence process. When external challenges arose, such as the unexpected crash of the USA banking environment, Bluestar demonstrated its resourcefulness by connecting the buyers with multiple active lenders specialized in the industry.


The deal was successfully closed in 2023, with the owner/operators choosing to stay with the company post-close. Bluestar’s local connections within the state, combined with their extensive network of buyers, proved to be instrumental in navigating the complex sale process. The owners expressed their appreciation for Bluestar’s dedication, noting that their deep connections with both buyers and resources significantly contributed to the execution of the deal.
This case study stands as a testament to Bluestar’s commitment to building strong relationships, leveraging their industry expertise, and providing comprehensive support throughout every stage of the transaction. By offering tailored solutions and capitalizing on their vast network, Bluestar continues to empower businesses in the behavioral healthcare sector to achieve their goals and unlock their true potential.